Are you afraid of sharks? Then Terrors Of The Deep is definitely not a game for you. You play as a treasure hunter who heard about a huge treasure chest being hidden somewhere in the ocean. Unfortunately, a huge mutated shark has been swimming around the area. The goal of this game is to find the key and find the treasure chest before the shark eats you. The player can make use of the environment to hide from the shark.

The goal of this assignment was to build a game without using a complete game engine like Unity/Unreal/Godot in C++. We have tested multiple graphics engines and ended up with Irrlicht being the best choice for this assignment. My main focus was to add replayability to the game since we already decided to have a single level for the game due to time constrains.


During this project’s lifetime, I have mainly worked on the following systems/mechanics of the game:

Auto generated level with height map

The levels are auto generated to make the level feel fresh every time the player starts the game. The terrain height is randomly assigned and objects (including key objects such as key and treasure chest) are randomly placed within the boundaries of the level. A noise texture has been used as a height map to make the terrain height generation feel more natural.

Basic gameplay HUD and FPS camera

I have added a FPS camera to the game to make it possible for the player to move in the level while being able to look around by using the mouse. A simple HUD has been added to the game as well. The HUD shows the items that the player has collected.