This was my first game jam so it was a whole new experience for me especially when you only have 48 hours to create a game! I have formed a team called ‘Team Devious’ consisting of 4 students: Me, Robert Broer, Danny Dorstijn and Huub van de Hoeve. Unfortunately we couldn’t find an artist so we had to search online for assets.

Every GGJ is based on a theme which changes every year. This years theme was ‘Transmission’ and this theme can be interpreted in many ways. We brainstormed and ended up choosing ‘sound transmission’ as our interpretation for the theme.


The concept was based on sonar and submarines. The goal of the game was to destroy the other player before they destroy you. What makes this game special, is that you can’t see the other player unless you use your sonar equipment to scan your surroundings. By doing so, it will make you visible to the opponent. The only way to destroy the other submarine is to hit it with a torpedo multiple times. Launching a torpedo will make you visible as well so you have to plan your attacks. This game also took inspiration from the echolocation technique used by animals hence the name ‘Echo’.

To tackle our model/art problem, we used (low poly) models from the Unity asset store. We also had an idea to make use of a shader so the objects will lit up slowly when a sonar wave or torpedo hits the object to further emphasis the ‘echolocation visual/feeling’.

After a lot of testing and bug fixes, we had to present our game to the judges. They were quite surprised on how unique the game was and they had fun playing the game. I was quite shocked that this game has received the ‘best student team’ award!

Thoughts after GGJ 2018

My first game jam experience was quite pleasant despite the very small room that we received. I believe the room made for 2 people while we were with 4 which results to a really cramp work environment. It also affected our quality of sleep (~4 hours) in a negative way. Some of us even had to sleep outside the room because not everyone could fit in.

Despite all of the negative experience, I can’t wait to join the next GGJ! I do hope we will receive a bigger room next time.

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