Bro Mercenaries is a 2D shoot em up game made in the Unity Engine as a college project. The goal of the game is to get to the end of the stage while avoiding obstacles such as enemies and traps. What makes this game special is the amount of customization that you can make on your gun. Every part has its own attributes and can be combined with other parts to make the perfect gun for you.


I have contributed the following systems/mechanics to the project:

Weapon Customization System

The weapon customization allows the player to customize their weapons by changing the parts of the gun. I have made the whole system as well as the UI for the system. Design choices were made based on the feedback on the prototype I had made for the game.

Dodge Mechanic

The player can dodge bullets and obstacles by pressing the dodge button at the right moment. It will make the player roll to the move direction and be invincible for a few milliseconds. To prevent overuse of this mechanic, the dodge parameters such as travel distance will get worse after each dodge.

Weapon Crates

Weapon crates can be interacted by the player which can give a customization preset of gun to the player. This is implemented to give the player a better view of what a customized gun can do.


I have worked on 2 enemy types; sniper and drone. A sniper shoots a bullet at the player from a long range. A visual laser sight has been added to let the player know that something from afar is aiming at the player. Drones are simple enemies that are flying above the player while also shooting at the player. They will keep their altitude and keep moving around the player which makes them annoying to shoot at.